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About AGC Dallas
The AGC was formed in 1919 by President Woodrow Wilson.
The first AGC Chapter in Texas was in Dallas, formed in 1924.
DFW Airport construction project in 1970 was the first truly collaborative effort between the Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters of AGC.
In conjunction with the formation of OSHA in 1971, the Dallas Chapter was the first in the country to hire a safety expert.
In 1988 the East Texas chapter of AGC merged into Dallas AGC.

In 2001 Dallas AGC and Fort Worth AGC merged to form QUOIN, a single AGC chapter serving all of north and east Texas.

In 2008-9 North Texas Dallas/Fort Worth AGC and North Texas Chapter of ABC merged to become TEXO The Construction Association.
TEXO members have accounted for more than $40 billion in construction since 1981.
TEXO contractor members account for approximately 80% of the Non-residential construction costs for commercial and industrial building permits issued on a yearly basis (as tracked by McGraw-Hill / FW. Dodge and other permit reporting sources).

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Bob Moore Construction is proud to be a sustaining member of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA). Founded in 1986, the TCA is the country's largest organization for the advancement of site-cast Tilt-Up construction, a method in which concrete wall panels are cast on-site and tilted into place. Sustaining members of the TCA are major industry leaders who have committed to an advanced level of involvement with the organization and the tilt-up industry. Bob Moore Construction employees have served in top positions with this prestigious association, including president and member of the board of directors.



AGC Dallas

Providing Information About the AGC in Dallas, Texas, From General Contractor Bob Moore Construction

Dallas Skyline, built in part by members of Dallas AGCOn October 24, 2008 the North / East Texas Chapter of the AGC (Associated General Contractors), merged with Associated Builders and Contractors of North Texas (ABC), to form a single organization. The new organization name change was effective January 1, 2009 and is now known as TEXO The Construction Association a Chapter of AGC / ABC. TEXO is a Latin term meaning, "to weave or blend," appropriate for the two Contractor organizations who for years have been competing associations.

The merger is a continuation of the evolution both organizations have experienced over the past several years. Originally, AGC served general contractors primarily, while ABC focused on sub-contractors and specialty contractors. Since 1995, the memberships of both contractor associations have expanded to include general contractors and sub-contractors alike, blurring the distinction between the two organizations.

With the merger, the AGC / ABC Chapters speak as a unified voice for the entire construction industry in Dallas. The merger will leverage the greater operating efficiencies of a consolidated headquarters staff and location. The principal location will be in Dallas with a second location in Fort Worth.

Dallas AGC member construction projectThe North and East Texas Chapters of AGC and ABC, now known as TEXO, has completed a transition period, consolidated their financial and personnel resources thus completing the merger. TEXO a Chapter of AGC and ABC is now recognized within the State of Texas as a powerful lobbying and advocacy group for the Dallas construction industry with approximately 1,800 member firms.

In support of this effort, was created by AGC member Bob Moore Construction to provide some historical perspective on the history of construction advocacy and leadership in Dallas. The history of the AGC and the Dallas Chapter of AGC had its origin in 1924, includes a merger with Fort Worth AGC in 2001 forming a single chapter. With its merger with ABC, North Texas Chapter, and subsequent name change to TEXO The Construction Association, this organization is now the second largest AGC / ABC Chapter in the United States, second only to the North and South Carolina Chapter.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the Dallas AGC and the construction industry in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will respond shortly.

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AGC Member Bob Moore Construction recognizes that the AGC Dallas's name was changed to TEXO The Construction Association in 2009. This followed the merger of the North Texas Chapters of AGC and ABC. While initially the name TEXO was not widely recognized with other construction and commercial real estate businesses, it has since become well known and regarded. The merger of AGC and ABC in Dallas will continue to offer benefits to the industry and has already been instrumental in key legislative changes that have made a positive impact for General Contractors as well as Specialty Contractors all over the state of Texas.

The purpose of this website is to provide historical information about the Dallas AGC and to help make the new consolidated organization's information easier for you to find. For more information about TEXO The Construction Association Chapters of AGC / ABC, we encourage to you to visit their website at:

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